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About Us

The Hope Wang GmbH comes originally from China and disposes of outstanding contacts in this economic region. Very good contacts exist in the Yantai and Zhejiang province. By the representation of a competent team in Shanghai/Ningdo - China which supports us always with the co-operation and test of different occurrences in China we can react quickly and flexibly.

By experiences of several years and business relations a healthy small international trading venture has developed itself which disposes of very good knowledge in the import business and export trade and moves this effectively. The co-operation with competent partners give us the possibilities to appear strongly on the market.

The Hope Wang GmbH Germany was created in the end of 2002 in Leipzig. This has farther hardened by its activities in the powder coating industry in the international trade. The first powder coating arrangement from China was exported by our enterprise to Europe and was sold. At present we supply several enterprises of the Powder Coating Industry with raw materials.

We would like that our customers profit from our contacts and abilities a lot. We offer our possibilities and try to create in the long term new ways. Finally, we have to owe it to this performance that our customers are satisfied and remain faithful to us.